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MVP Entertainment

From Sam Kaiser“The key to all of this is thorough knowledge and understanding the goals and strategies of our clients and then assembling the best possible teams and action plans to fully serve those goals .  

It all starts with great music and artists and then it’s ALL about the team. 

We work with the absolute best promotion professionals out there…people who share our passion for music and also have the drive and ambition to achieve results and win for our clients. 

After successfully assembling and managing some of the finest and most effective staffs in the music industry via my major corporate positions, I’ve taken the same approach in establishing effective associations and partnerships with those dedicated promotion specialists that will provide excellent, competitive and effective service to developing artists and labels.”

What We Do

MVP Entertainment is widely recognized as a premiere national promotion consultant/project director in the U.S. specializing in developing new artists and emerging record labels as competitive entities with thorough, effective and professionally executed promotion strategies and action plans.
  • MVP Entertainment Music Group serves labels and artists as national promotion project director
  • All elements of project strategy, planning, scheduling, administration and operations
  • Active leadership of national music promotion campaigns
  • Customized top-line professional national and regional promotion teams
  • Formats: Top 40 Pop, Rhythm, Hot A/C, Mainstream A/C and Rock Radio Promotion
  • Media: Streaming Music Platforms, Satellite Radio, Social Media, Music Video
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MVP offers complete national promotion project planning and services:
  • Fully customized strategies and operational release planning specifically focused on the goals and objectives of each label client and artist.
  • Comprehensive project operational release and campaigns structure including time lines and budgeting.
  • Complete preparation, setup, time lines, budgets and administration.
  • Consistent and professional communication with our clients and project teams.
  • Building the best promotion teams to serve the goals of the label and artist. MVP structures fully customized national and regional promotion teams to support the client budget and project parameters.
  • Music Service. Full music and artist related content promotional service to broadcast radio formats, national syndicated programming, satellite networks, digital music platforms, corporate broadcasting national programming and programming consultants, new release compilations (including foreground music programming services targeted directly at the consumer via thousands of retail outlets, malls, clubs, hotels, theme parks and cruise lines).
  • Comprehensive databases for both physical music media and direct secure direct digital music delivery of broadcast quality audio files via major digital download services targeted directly at radio programmers, mp3 and video files via secure FTP server direct links, streaming video, EPK’s, imbedded music e/blasts.
  • Registration, uploads and encoding of music to monitor/tracking services (Mediabase, BDS/Broadcast Data Systems-Billboard). We can also assist with ISRC and Sound Exchange registrations.
  • Active day-to-day leadership with our national and field teams in the challenging arena of promoting music and artists to radio and related media platforms to deliver results!
  • Above all, MVP Entertainment and our associates take pride in delivering excellent service to clients, integrity and a relentless work ethic.
MVP Entertainment